Professional Installation Service and Support

Installation services from qualified and experienced professionals

User our installation services and be sure of getting solid project management and engineers who are fully trained by Lifesize.

We cover the European continent and the wider EMEA region for installation or service

Read on below for our services and competences

Installation services from qualified and experienced professionals

We would be only too happy to help you install your new equipment or indeed help you relocate existing equipment to new premises.

It is rarely a simple case of just unboxing and attaching to a screen, though we are certain we can help if this is what you need. More usually screens need installing, the cables need to be hidden in the wall and power and network might need to be moved to the right locations. This is where our organised engineers come into their own.

Contact us with details of your requirement and we will be able to provide a quote and even come for a free site survey if required. Don’t forget about the environment and acoustics of any space you specify for video also.

Nobody likes talking to silhouettes in an echo chamber do they?

Audio Visual Integration

Every video system needs a display, that’s a given. Should it be a TV you already have or something a bit more business like for a new meeting room – we can help by supplying everything you need to have a complete room for video conference and high level presentations to the team.

Embrace the Smart Meeting Room ™ and turn everything on at the touch of a button, control the lights and drop the binds.

Make the room as simple and friendly to use as the video conference.

Support & Maintenance

We are obsessed with support. The only kind of video conference anybody cares about is video conference that works and this is where we come in. Support from us can involve telephone and remote, on site and we can even loan you spare kit if yours is broken. Including TV’s, projectors and control equipment.

Choose from some simple options and decide if you would like on site or remote then sit back, relax and let us deal with any issues, quickly, as they arise. Critical systems and devices will be looked after, you continue to enjoy effortless easy video conference and meetings with AV.


Global Installation & Project Services

Video conference is never about just one room, one building or even one country. There is always a far side, branch office satellite office or shed that might need to be equipped too.

If you have responsibility for delivery of a video estate over a geographic area, our global roll out services can help you deliver this in a timely manner and importantly, to the same high standards you demand at home.

Contact us with details of your requirements and we will work with you to develop a standard and a deployment plan for your global estate.

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Extended Warranty & Replacement

All Lifesize equipment can be kept under warranty for a long period of time and until 5 years after its manufacture is sunset.

Maintaining a warranty on a device or piece of infrastructure means that as new features are rolled out you benefit from them. Bear in mind that standards can change and keeping your software up to date ensures that you can have trouble free communication with all other standards based manufacturers such as Cisco, Polycom and Starleaf

Hardware Cover

Advance replacement of faulty hardware in the case of faults and failure, free of charge

Software Patches

Updates for features, security and compatibility

Manufacturer Support

Help & diagnostics from the people who were involved in the development of the products


Predictable costs

no nasty repair bills or disruptive procurement

Protect your investment

you will always have working video facilities, without question, when covered by warranty.

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